My earliest memory is shouting, “Don’t get on the spaceship!” when an alien said goodbye to his best friend. A few years later, my heart broke when a mermaid reached for the surface and sang, “I want more!” E.T. was a puppet and Ariel was a cartoon, but both made me feel something real. Even as a child I realized how powerful stories could be and wanted to learn how to do that myself.

I’ve been chasing that dream ever since.

Currently I live in Los Angeles and work as a storyboard revisionist at Warner Bros. Animation in their DC Superhero, DTV division. Previously, I worked at Skybound on the upcoming Invincible animated television series for Amazon.

I’ve polished my skills as a writer and an artist by making creator-owned comics, and interviewing dozens of visual storytellers as a host on the Paper Wings Podcast.

My online historical fantasy comic, The Dreamer, was published by IDW Publishing in three graphic novel volumes. The series received five Harvey Award nominations and opened the door to some surprising opportunities.

I appeared on AHC’s The American Revolution talking about lesser known figures of the Revolutionary War. An exhibit of my art hangs at the Nathan Hale School House, a historic site where one of the real characters in The Dreamer taught.

More recently, I drew IDW Publishing’s Wynonna Earp: Homecoming graphic novel featuring the characters of Syfy’s fan-favorite television show, and remain active with the fandom at conventions and online.

I love giving back. I mentor young artists through the Artlink 212 program, and regularly use my social media presence to fundraise money for Love 146.

After a decade of freelancing and working on solo projects, I missed the creative energy and artistic growth I’ve only found in an art studio. So I returned to animation which I studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

The work on this site mostly reflects my time in comics but I’ll be adding a storyboard tab as I grow and can share that body of work.




If you are a recruiter looking for samples of my storyboard work, email me!